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Do you need more Magento development support?

By Alex

Do you need more support

Does Magento patching mean less time for planned development?

"I know this is important but it means our IT team are too busy to help us with the planned development of our eCommerce site!"

If this is your response when your IT department or Development Partner tells you that another patch has been released ....is it time to review the support you have in place?

Our Development Partnerships include:

  • Patching applied quickly with improvement recommendation feedback
  • Development Planning and Strategy advice
  • Consistent and reliable support
  • Proactive advice and guidance

We understand that it is essential to offer consistent levels of development support to our clients and so take the time to evaluate the extra resource needed when patches are released, communicate with you how we plan to manage that time and then work with you to provide the necessary support.

Our flexible approach ensures that development on your site, which has been planned to work with your business needs, does not fall behind or suffer while essential patching is taking place.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you to get the level of Development support you need please do get in touch.

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